LGD-4033: What to Keep in Mind Regarding Purchase

LGD-4033 is the most recent SARM discovery of Ligand Pharmaceuticals. The first phase of the clinical study involves administration of multiple and escalating doses of LGD-4033. The focus of succeeding phase of the research will be to test its potential therapeutic effect on muscle wasting. Scientists hope to find a miracle drug for cachexia, the muscle loss prevalent in cancer-afflicted patients. Studies show that cachexia is one of the causes of death in approximately 25% of patients with cancer. People await the success of the study so they can soon buy lgd-4033.

Clinical Research

The goal of the clinical trial is to assess the effectiveness of LGD-4033 on muscle mass, body bulk and physical strength.

buy lgd 4033 LGD 4033: What to Keep in Mind Regarding PurchaseLigand Pharmaceuticals conducted a pre-clinical study of LGD-4033 on rats. Subsequently, the company performed clinical trials on humans with optimum health. The subject of the clinical study is comprised of 116 male volunteers. The activity includes introduction of different doses, varying from 0.1, 0.3, 1.0 mg of the investigational drug or placebo once a day for about 21 days. The volunteers achieved additional muscles without undergoing workouts.

A separate study administered by the University of Boston to 26 men whose ages range from 21 to 50. The trial grouped the men into four, comprising of one control group and three groups that will receive different increasing doses of LGD-4033. The subjects undergo regular monitoring during and up to five weeks after the study. The result shows a surprising build up of muscles to about 1.5 kilograms. Athletes can have a rapid weight gain in about three weeks compared to the 12 weeks with other SARMs. Blood chemistries and hormones went back to its pre-treatment levels. The approval of this chemical will give a safe option to athletes, bodybuilder and patients. They expect to buy LGD-4033 to address their specific needs.

Currently, there are several pharmaceuticals with ongoing research about SARMs. What is remarkable with the study for LGD-4033 is its completion using human subjects. Furthermore, the results are favorable with minor side-effects.

Phase II of the clinical research will last for about 12 weeks and will involve patients with illnesses.

Testosterone is injectable while LGD-4033 is an oral drug. Injectable testosterone results to unstable levels in the blood where it becomes very high immediately after the introduction but quickly drops afterwards. Skin patching delivers steady testosterone levels, but irritates the skin with constant application. Altough it comes in oral form, LGD-4033 has stable components that produce no harmful effect on the liver.

Buying Guide

You can buy lgd-4033 from online retailers, but exercise extreme caution in selecting the provider of this chemical. Here are some of the recommended guidelines in buying from online merchants.

• It is beneficial to know someone who has a firsthand experience with an online supplier. Social media sites and various bodybuilding forums are good sites to start your selection process. Many forum members are willing to disclose vital information that you need to know.

• Gather reviews about the various retailers, so you can prevent hassles in the trade of LGD-4033.

• Compare the services offered by the company. Aside from the cost of the product, inquire about the delivery and additional charges, if any.

• The website should provide a reliable and safe payment method when you buy lgd-4033.

Because of the recent progress in the study of LGD-4033, many people have high expectations for this drug. Experts are optimistic that it will soon be available in the market. To date, it is the most harmless SARM that is being tested. Even in its research stage, many interested consumers are eager to try the drug that acts as steroids but no detrimental effects on your body.

The goal of the clinical trial is to assess the effectiveness of LGD-4033 on muscle mass, body bulk and physical strength.